What Are We About

Community.  Education.  Promotion.  Sustainability.  These are the words that describe our goals for Twisted Strait Fibers.  We are a community of committed farmers and fiber artists located in the Pacific Northwest.  Our desire is to educate, promote and sustain the production and use of fiber-bearing animals.

Our History

We began in 2013 as The Pacific Northwest Fiber Web.  In 2016, after several years of meeting with fiber producers and compiling the information from two surveys, we concluded that the best way to meet our goals was through a Cooperatively owned fiber processing mill. We also adopted our new name, Twisted Strait Fibers, a nod to our proximity to the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

Our Accomplishments

We have completed a business plan.  Upon winning the 2017 Washington Coast Works Grant, website development started.  A professional 12-minute video was produced highlighting our community and our respect for natural fiber. We partnered with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center which has received several other grants supporting our work. On the education frontier, we hosted two workshops: one on spinning techniques and a beginning felting course.  The decision to create our own mill led members of the steering committee to visit three northwest mills located in Montana, Oregon, and Washington. There, we gathered information to enhance our mill development process.

What Kind Of Organization Are We

We are a cooperative.  A cooperative is a business that is democratically owned and controlled (one member = one vote). In this way, people who benefit from the services it provides also own the entire process.  With a cooperative there is no need to satisfy the income expectations of a single individual owner; profits are distributed evenly to the group.
As a member, we offer you:

  • Membership in a community of like-minded folks who share your love of natural fiber and the animals that produce it.
  • Access to our educational resources.
  • Promotion of your fiber, studio, or farm on our website.
  • A sales platform for your products.
  • Processing your fiber at a local mill where you can share in the profits, thus reducing cost. (Mill development at funding stage)
  • Selling your fiber to Twisted Strait Fibers at above wool-pool rates.
  • Inclusion in our Pacific Northwest fiber community.

What Happened in 2018

We applied for a Value-Added Producer Grant from the USDA. Funds would be used to promote both membership and the TSF website.  In February 2018, we elected a Board of Directors at our first general membership meeting.  Board-specific training is scheduled for our new inductees.  We continue to gain members and currently stand at 56 individuals or corporations.  For directions on becoming a member, please visit our membership page.