Becoming A Member

Twisted Strait Fibers (TSF) is located on the Olympic Peninsula in the northwest section of Washington State. Comprising roughly 3600 square miles our members’ farms and artists’ spaces are sprinkled amongst tall primeval Douglas Fir forests hundreds of miles apart from each other.

This Cooperative allows us a chance to span the miles and communicate with each other. TSF unites our individual efforts into a cohesive strategy to promote fiber. If you live in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana or Washington and have a passion for fiber like we do, we encourage you to join our organization.

We live in some of the last wild spaces within the contiguous United States. Our pioneering spirit resonates with “living with the land” and its natural bounty. Farming fiber animals, creating art as well as clothing are an environmental match for the Northwest. Fiber animals have a lower impact on the environment than synthetic fiber development. These animals help sequester carbon both by stimulating the grasses and capturing the carbon in their fiber.

Three Options For Fleeces

As fiber producers we have three options for the fleeces we harvest from our animals:

  1. We can sell it to a fiber pool where we receive $1.00 per pound if we are lucky. In the case of wool, the fiber has to be packaged in a particular way involving special equipment and the wool has to be transported to a central gathering area further increasing the shepherd’s expenditure.
  2. We can sell the fiber to a niche market as either raw fiber or as a value-added product. This involves maintaining a website and some knowledge of photography. Some of us schlepp our products to fiber shows: An exhausting, time-consuming and expensive process. In order to add value, the fiber must be shipped to a processor and most of the profit is sunk into the cost of processing.
  3. We can dispose of it.

Helping Generate New Revenue Streams

At Twisted Strait Fibers, we are committed to offering our fiber producers and fiber artists another alternative that we believe will enhance their economic return. Becoming a member of a cooperatively owned fiber-processing mill means that you become an owner of the process of adding value to your fleeces. This will reduce cost and increase profitability. Additionally, we can promote your farm and sell your products for you on this website. If you are among the fiber producers who dispose of your fleeces, and if it is clean and healthy, we can photograph it for you and sell it as raw fleece on our website. Or you can sell it outright to us and we can turn it into our own line of locally branded products.
If you are a fiber artist who has raw fiber you want to have processed, we will be able to do that for you at a lower price than other mills. We can also promote your artist space and your products on our website.
We have a passion for helping our members promote their fiber products, build a fiber processing facility that works for them, and educate the public on the benefits of natural protein fiber. As a result, we strive to save the healthy farm spaces that allow us to raise our fiber animals by keeping our members successful.
We won the 2017 Washington Coast Works grant which funded this website. This is the first step to promote our members’ products world-wide and enhance communication amongst ourselves. Our next step will be to build the mill. (Mill Status Page)

What Do You Get As A Member?

  • For a one-time membership fee of $300 dollars you:
  • Will be immediately connected to our fiber enthusiasts.
  • Have the opportunity to sell your fiber products on this website.
  • Get to participate in a truly democratic form of business.
  • Can receive dividends (At the discretion of the Board of Directors)
  • Will receive our newsletter informing you of upcoming events throughout the Northwest as well as keep you abreast of our progress.
  • Can be part of the change to choose environmentally sound products.

What Does It Take To Become A Member?

  1. Live in one of the NW states listed above.
  2. Fill out a membership form – Twisted Strait Fibers – Membership Agreement Form
  3. Accept the responsibilities listed on the membership form.
  4. Include a payment of $300 dollars.

In today’s business arena, many dynamic people ask you to support their new idea or new product. We feel TSF is a different kind of option. We don’t have a new product; actually, this is one of the oldest textiles known to humankind. We invite you to promote an environmentally sound product as well as join the members that love and work with natural protein fibers.